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The land with no circles

A multilingual, auditory, print, multimedia comic.

The “Land with no circles” is a comic in four languages (Greek - English - Farsi - Arabic) in print, auditory, and digital editions that offers children with multiple language backgrounds and disabilities to share a common story.

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It’s been designed as a total artistic experience: beyond the rich illustrations, the reader can connect to the auditory universe of the publication. The original score written and orchestrated for the story, and the audio effects come together in the digital edition of the comic, will be available for free on the website of Children’s Open Library.

Soon available in updated bookstores in Greece, as online for free on Published by Children’s Open Library in collaboration with Levantes Publications.

Indicative pages from the print edition

The comic is part of the action “The land with no circles - a book accessible to all children”, which was realised with the financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, for the support of letters and publications.

Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

Original idea - Scenario
Stavros Athanassiadis
The Krah
Production and publishing management
Stavros Athanassiadis
Music, sound design, production, mixing
Jason Athanasiadis
Digital processing, website design
Filippos Fotopoulos
Graphic design
Dimitris Gazis
Narration in Greek
Natalia Kantzia
Translation & narration in English
Angela El-Zeind
Translation & narration in Arabic
Hesham Omar Bahloul
Translation & narration in Farsi
Assistant editor in Greek
Eleni Kopanaki
Violin & improvisation
Dionyssis Vervitsiotis
Guitar, el. guitar, double bass etc
Iason Athanasiadis